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How Reverse Factoring For Your Requirements Now

The service of reverse factoring is in demand on the domestic market, but only on the part of buyers, not sellers. The company offers its clients a full range of factoring services on the most favorable terms.

Smart Factoring Now

This kind of factoring is often called reverse, since the principle of initiation and the mechanism of practical implementation are reversed by the classical one. If in other schemes the initiator of the purchase of the service is the seller of goods or services, in this case their consumer. The main motivation for him is to get a deferred payment or to increase the term of an already valid deferment at the expense of a factor. The reverse factoring options are essential in this case.

The Reverse Version

Reverse or reverse version of the transaction on terms of factoring implies the conclusion of a tripartite agreement, as in the classical version. However, in this case only a non-recurring scheme is provided, since initially the responsibility for payment rests with the buyer and initiator of the factoring service.

  • The company provides any kinds of factoring services at the highest professional level, available to every trustworthy business entity.
  • Delivery agreements with deferred payment (up to 90 days) between the Seller and the Buyer.
  • The buyer notifies the Seller about the transition to factoring services.

Financing of the Seller occurs on the basis of the order of the Buyer, before the expiration of the period of the delay under the supply contract, in the amount of the amount approved by the Buyer for payment

At the end of the period for which funding was provided, the company pays a previously confirmed amount.

The buyer pays the commission on the basis of a separately issued invoice

Usually, the bank factor asks to provide the company’s charter documents, documents confirming the authority of the head of the company, financial statements of the company to make decisions on servicing the client. After making a positive decision with the client, a factoring contract is concluded. Within the framework of the contract, the client provides primary documents (invoices) confirming the fact of the sale of products (the performance of services). Against the submitted documents, the bank provides the client with financing. Next, the bank takes over the management of the customer’s receivables, within which, daily, the customer is informed of the state of the receivables, works on the collection of accounts receivable, the payment due date, etc. After debt repayment by the debtor, the bank retains its remuneration from the payment that comes from the buyer.

Theoretically, for an additional fee, the bank can assume credit risk: in the event of non-return of the debt by the buyer, the supplier will still receive the remainder of the payment. This is factoring without recourse. However, banks take such risks reluctantly, so now only factoring with regress is provided. “Factoring without recourse is more expensive. If customers are confident in their debtors, they have nothing to fear from recourse.

Laminate parquet: the disadvantages to know

The good cheap laminating flooring is very successful. It is easy to install by clipping the blades to the floor and is the cheapest of all types of flooring. However, there are some disadvantages to know before deciding.

The laminate flooring is very popular. The reasons are multiple. The pose is floating, so it is easy and quick to install. The manufacturers show a great creativity with decorations imitating all kinds of wood, and even aspects stone, slate, tiles, etc. But laminate flooring is not a wooden floor. It is composed of resins and high and medium density fibers. It therefore has some weaknesses in terms of strength, stability and insulation. Overview of its disadvantages:

  • The laminate flooring does not have the qualities of wood flooring, especially those of solid wood floors (100% wood).
  • The laminate flooring does not have the elegance of noble wood species.
  • It does not have the natural warmth of wood. So you do not feel warm when you walk on it.
  • Made of composite materials, the laminate flooring does not have the robustness of the solid parquet, nor even of the laminated parquet.

Rules, how to rent an apartment on the ad

Want to rent an apartment on your ad, but have never done this before? Here are some tips from best developer sales in Singapore on where to start, what to ask the landlord about what to sign.

  1. Go to the site with a lot of ads about renting housing in your city.
  2. The announcement can be placed on behalf of the owner, a private realtor or an agency. In the last two cases, be prepared to pay a commission of 100% of the rental price, less often 50%. To find out who the author of an ad is, you can often just by contacting him.
  3. Call or write to the contacts indicated, find out the floor and number of floors of the house, if the Internet is done, specify if the rent includes electricity and water, how telephone charges will be paid. Usually, tenants pay for these services separately, according to the meter readings.

A dynamic and job-creating sector of well trained part time cleaner

Before investing in a particular sector, it is imperative to learn about the market situation of the sector and study about the well trained part time cleaner. Regarding the cleanliness, despite appearances misleading, it is extremely promising. It is a dynamic sector that has evolved and continues to progress today. So there is no reason not to invest in this branch! Just follow some advice. Know the different branches of the cleaning sector and the competition.

Perfect Commercial Cleaning Options in Singapore Now for you

Cleaning inside the premises is a must for comfort. It provides optimal conditions for living or working for people. However, cleaning large rooms, or a large number of them, requires considerable effort and time. This leads to the fact that the services of cleaning companies are becoming more relevant.

Cleaning a large apartment house is a difficult problem. It has many windows, carpets, several bathrooms. How can the hostess manage everything on her own? Cleaning companies use special equipment for cleaning inside the premises: steam generators, effective disinfectants. All this helps to make the house really clean. Cleaning company is the best solution for commercial real estate. To regular cleaning in this case, a mud protection system is added for the spaces with increased terrain.

What are the advantages of professional cleaning?

Professional cleaning allows you to take into account the specifics of each object, and clean up so that it does not interfere with customers.

The main advantages of cleaning:

  • use of special equipment, such as scrubbers and vacuum extractors;
  • the use of disinfectants and special methods for their use, allowing to destroy dust mites, pathogenic microorganisms and persistent pollution;
  • The prolongation of the service life of coatings and furniture due to the use of modern effective but sparing means
  • The experience of cleaning companies makes it easy to cope with cleaning of any degree of complexity.
  • Professional washing of windows only at first glance seems like a simple service, in fact it is a difficult job, in which it is required to know and accurately follow the technological process, to have skill, because you need to manage with the bars, and sometimes do it at a very high altitude.

If it is necessary to wash the windows in the apartment, prices in St. Petersburg will be calculated based on the following parameters:

  • The size of the windows: It is clear that several small windows will take longer than one large one;
  • Constructions: If the sash of the window cannot be opened, washing it will be more difficult. In some cases, the valves need to be opened in addition, and then wash not two but four surfaces.
  • Accessibility: It is taken into account how easy it is to get close to all the corners of the window.
  • Degrees of pollution. Cleaning up the windows after repair is much more difficult than after the winter.

Professional equipment for commercial cleaning allows you to make washing windows really good: the glasses are washed even in hard-to-reach places. Chemicals with which professionals work do not damage the glass and wash the contamination on its entire surface. Thus, engaging in a commercial cleaning Singapore company will ensure that your windows, loggias, glazed balconies and loggias can be well taken of.

Best Deals with the Emergency Aircon Service Now for You

The outside temperature heats up? It’s time to inspect and repair the air conditioning system in your home! Follow these tips to stay cool all summer long.

Seasonal maintenance of air conditioning

  1. Make sure the power is off before inspecting

Before you start checking your central air conditioning system, turn off the power to the power supply (usually located on an internal wall near the system output unit). Some cutoff mechanisms are recessed; others have a handle that you lower or, less frequently, a fuse to remove.If there is no outside cutoff mechanism, turn off the air conditioner at the electrical panel breaker or fuse box.

  1. Replace the filter

Ensuring that the air conditioner filter is clean is probably the most important thing to do to keep the system in good working order. Check the filter once a month during the cooling season and replace it as needed.Remember that balancing the flow of air through the plumbing is equally important in both summer and winter.Remember to set the damper levers on the summer settings at the beginning of the cooling season.

  1. Tips for the outdoors

The outdoor unit of your air conditioning system must be free and unobstructed to do its job. To optimize airflow, you must also maintain the area around it. Allow at least 60 cm (two feet) clearing of landscaping. The emergency aircon service is important here.

When mowing the lawn, make sure that the cut grass is directed away from the unit. To limit the amount of dust sucked by the fan into the unit, cover the soil around gravel and add a layer of mulch to nearby flower beds.Fire ants, mice and other creatures love the heat of the condensing unit. Before replacing the top grille by screwing it in, be sure to avoid any unwanted residents.

  1. Tips for the interior

Then go inside and turn your attention to the fan compartment of the heater. After turning off the power, open the fan and vacuum compartment, and the fan, and then service the engine and the belt.Check for sludge and algae in the drain tube. To get rid of algae, gently pour a solution of one part bleach to 16 parts of water into a rigid drain tube (remove a flexible drain tube to evacuate). If possible, insert a wire into the drain hole to clean it.It is important to have your system professionally inspected and maintained each year in early spring.In addition, do a good cleaning of the system and adjust it at the beginning of each cooling season.

  1. Operating method

The central air-conditioning systems consist of an outdoor unit containing a compressor and motor, a capacitor coil and a fan, and an indoor unit consisting of an evaporation coil usually located in the room.

Smart Supports from the Net Working Capital Now

Working capital is the difference between current assets and current (short-term) liabilities of an enterprise or organization. The amount of working capital reflects the amount of funds that the enterprise owns in current assets and is an important characteristic of financial sustainability. Let us know what is net working capital and more.


The program analyzes working capital in the Business Analysis section.

  • Download program
  • Working capital formula
  • Working capital = Current assets – Current liabilities

Working capital is formed from:

  • stocks of raw materials and materials ,
  • work in progress ,
  • low-value and wearing items ,
  • finished products ,
  • accounts receivable .

Their total value determines the amount of money needed to cover them. If the current assets are less than current liabilities, then the working capital will be negative.

The amount of working capital of an enterprise, organization depends on:

  • the amount of costs for the acquisition of raw materials and direct overhead costs in the production of goods that are easy to sell;
  • the duration of the production cycle and the sale of products;
  • the cost of indirect overhead costs in the production and sale of products,
  • the volume of the loan received and the period of its return.

Working capital in the balance sheet is the 2 section of the asset balance.

Components of working capital satisfy the liquidity criterion. Liquidity allows you to quickly turn the enterprise’s funds into cash and finance permanent operations.

To measure the efficiency of using working capital, use the indicator of profitability of working capital . The indicator is calculated by dividing the net profit from the sale of products or another financial result by the amount of working capital.

To assess the efficiency of working capital in business practice, the turnover ratio (turnover) and the turnover period are used.

Still found about working capital

On the relationship and algorithms for calculating the indicators of its own working capital and net working capital,

The difficulties in determining the amount of own working capital are due to the fact that both equity and borrowed funds can be invested both in off- balance assets and in

Development of the methodology for the economic analysis of working capital by

The complex of indicators of the economic activity of an enterpriseincludes indicators of direct or indirect factor of time the period of repayment of accounts receivable and payable period of the operational and financial cycle period of recoupment of capital financial leverage

Get The Contacts Of Reliable Air Freight

All our trucks for air transport are equipped with roller conveyors. With this we can easily offer or pick up your freight at Spain.

Do you have freight that arrives or leaves by plane? Then you have come to the right place at Prologues Transport.

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In order to be able to carry out air cargo transport, many Transport has the right combination of drivers, employees and an ultra-modern fleet.

When it comes to free load boards transport, you would prefer a partner who can take care of this quickly and reliably. For transport from or to Spain does not contain any secrets. We have a worldwide network through which your freight is delivered door-to-door as agreed. You do not have to prepare complex customs documents yourself and hope that everything will be delivered quickly. Free load boards can take over this and all matters concerning your transport from you. Their in-house customs department has the expertise to provide your transport to Spain with all necessary documents and our air freight specialists buy directly.


  • AEO-F certified, Recognized Air Freight Agent, IATA member
  • In-house customs department
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Spain Transport arranges your air freight as an entrepreneur you may have found a new outlet in Spain, or would you like to purchase products for a competitive price. In both cases, Trans Air can help you with your transportation request. Whether you need to transport goods from or to Spain, they would take care of the transport by air, water and road.