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Tips for low budget gardening

It’s all about the money. The economy is picking up again. Yet we see a clear need for cheap, low-budget landscaping. That is why here are number of options to save dollars in a row.

Design and inspiration

Before you start arranging your garden cheaply, you must of course first think of what you actually want. With a bit of luck, an expert will help you on your way for free. Via online sites you can take a course to get more birds in your garden. If you have enough inspiration, you can get started with the free garden design software Sketch, even for nothing. Request a quote free of charge and without obligation via quotation form.

Plants and bushes

A garden without plants is of course nothing. Paying loads at the garden center is unfortunately anything but free. An important factor for plant costs is time. A plant or shrub is more expensive as it takes longer before it is ready for sale. Slow growers are therefore almost always expensive, fast boys are cheap. Remember that a fast grower also has a downside. A cheap, fast-growing hedge, for example, should also be pruned (much) more often.

Another indicator for which plants and bushes are cheap is to see which ones are used by the municipality in the public space. These are almost guaranteed cheap species, which also require very little maintenance nine times out of ten. Nor does the money grow on the back of the municipality.

You see them grow

Self sowing or cuttings is a lot cheaper than buying complete plants. Experiment about sowing soil there are also a few free options. Of course this requires the necessary patience, and some skill from you as a gardener. It will be totally cheap if you get seeds or cuttings free of charge, for example from friends or family. Various organizationscollect and sell seeds from indigenous plants for almost nothing. A cheap source of seeds, cuttings and (sometimes) whole plants are also exchange bourses such as garden enthusiasts’ association Growth and flowering sometimes organizes.

Pollard willow

Some trees are also excellent as a breeding area. A classic in that area is the pollard willow. This very tree is easy to grow from a (sawn-off) branch. With a bit of luck you will find it along polder roads or farmers countries. Look for a straight copy, preferably a bit long fat. Make a fairly deep hole with the auger: a meter or up to the groundwater. Put your branch in and close the hole. If the branch / tree is already higher than the desired height, cut or saw it off, a knot will form. The tree must be cut every 2-5 years, in winter. You immediately remove side branches in other places than in the bun. Willows grow quite quickly, so with a few years you have a tree that looks pretty mature.

Great Options for the Proper and Cheap Curtains Now

You need to consider the needs for equipment, deployment and security considerations, and only when you weigh the pros and cons, you can make a purchase.There are options for solving the design of the window for almost any problem. Do you need to install the rope mechanism of the blinds on the other side so that it is not in danger close to the child’s bed? Do you require light curtains to block the sleep? Do you think that your windows are too small and you need to design outside the window frame? You should go for the good cheap curtains Singapore now.

Let’s consider some problems in the issue of window design and their solutions:

  • Opened or closed. Many modern solutions for window design presuppose a stationary position of the curtains. It is better to choose curtains, which are easily opened and closed.
  • Consider how you can (or cannot) use curtains installed on very high windows.
  • Long curtains can become an attractive toy for pets and a potential danger in the child’s room when he learns to walk. Perhaps the best solution is to use curtains or blinds that do not reach the floor.
  • Ask to install modern safe rope mechanisms when installing curtains in a house with children.
  • The curtains that rise and fall from above and below will increase the functionality, allowing you to set the necessary clearance at the top and bottom.
  • Translucent tulle does not provide privacy, but reduce the ultraviolet rays and bright light. They are made of polyester and work like regular roller blinds.

Modern window design means the use of advanced technical solutions, such as light intensity sensors and remote controls, allowing you to manage curtains from anywhere in the room. A professional designer will tell you about the latest innovations in this field.

Health and Jaundice

Last time, in the subject of health, we told you about the treatment of rubella. This time, as if continuing the logical chain of articles on health, we want to talk about such a phenomenon as jaundice. Many people consider jaundice an illness, but it is not; jaundice is a symptom that can be caused by the consequence of various diseases. In the article, we would like to talk more about this symptom complex: what is the reason for its appearance, how it proceeds and how to treat it. There are options that are good at jaundice home treatment also.


The big problem of our society is that we always try to get treatment at home, even though we have absolutely no idea about the diseases that we are sick with and who are trying to treat it ourselves. This includes jaundice, as many believe that this is an independent disease.

What is jaundice?

Jaundice is a complex of symptoms caused by the accumulation of bilirubin in the tissues and blood, which manifests itself in the form of body coloring and eye proteins in yellow. Jaundice can get absolutely everything: both adults and children. Jaundice can provoke quite a lot of diseases and they are all quite different.