Best Deals with the Emergency Aircon Service Now for You

The outside temperature heats up? It’s time to inspect and repair the air conditioning system in your home! Follow these tips to stay cool all summer long.

Seasonal maintenance of air conditioning

  1. Make sure the power is off before inspecting

Before you start checking your central air conditioning system, turn off the power to the power supply (usually located on an internal wall near the system output unit). Some cutoff mechanisms are recessed; others have a handle that you lower or, less frequently, a fuse to remove.If there is no outside cutoff mechanism, turn off the air conditioner at the electrical panel breaker or fuse box.

  1. Replace the filter

Ensuring that the air conditioner filter is clean is probably the most important thing to do to keep the system in good working order. Check the filter once a month during the cooling season and replace it as needed.Remember that balancing the flow of air through the plumbing is equally important in both summer and winter.Remember to set the damper levers on the summer settings at the beginning of the cooling season.

  1. Tips for the outdoors

The outdoor unit of your air conditioning system must be free and unobstructed to do its job. To optimize airflow, you must also maintain the area around it. Allow at least 60 cm (two feet) clearing of landscaping. The emergency aircon service is important here.

When mowing the lawn, make sure that the cut grass is directed away from the unit. To limit the amount of dust sucked by the fan into the unit, cover the soil around gravel and add a layer of mulch to nearby flower beds.Fire ants, mice and other creatures love the heat of the condensing unit. Before replacing the top grille by screwing it in, be sure to avoid any unwanted residents.

  1. Tips for the interior

Then go inside and turn your attention to the fan compartment of the heater. After turning off the power, open the fan and vacuum compartment, and the fan, and then service the engine and the belt.Check for sludge and algae in the drain tube. To get rid of algae, gently pour a solution of one part bleach to 16 parts of water into a rigid drain tube (remove a flexible drain tube to evacuate). If possible, insert a wire into the drain hole to clean it.It is important to have your system professionally inspected and maintained each year in early spring.In addition, do a good cleaning of the system and adjust it at the beginning of each cooling season.

  1. Operating method

The central air-conditioning systems consist of an outdoor unit containing a compressor and motor, a capacitor coil and a fan, and an indoor unit consisting of an evaporation coil usually located in the room.

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