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Working capital is the difference between current assets and current (short-term) liabilities of an enterprise or organization. The amount of working capital reflects the amount of funds that the enterprise owns in current assets and is an important characteristic of financial sustainability. Let us know what is net working capital and more.


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  • Working capital formula
  • Working capital = Current assets – Current liabilities

Working capital is formed from:

  • stocks of raw materials and materials ,
  • work in progress ,
  • low-value and wearing items ,
  • finished products ,
  • accounts receivable .

Their total value determines the amount of money needed to cover them. If the current assets are less than current liabilities, then the working capital will be negative.

The amount of working capital of an enterprise, organization depends on:

  • the amount of costs for the acquisition of raw materials and direct overhead costs in the production of goods that are easy to sell;
  • the duration of the production cycle and the sale of products;
  • the cost of indirect overhead costs in the production and sale of products,
  • the volume of the loan received and the period of its return.

Working capital in the balance sheet is the 2 section of the asset balance.

Components of working capital satisfy the liquidity criterion. Liquidity allows you to quickly turn the enterprise’s funds into cash and finance permanent operations.

To measure the efficiency of using working capital, use the indicator of profitability of working capital . The indicator is calculated by dividing the net profit from the sale of products or another financial result by the amount of working capital.

To assess the efficiency of working capital in business practice, the turnover ratio (turnover) and the turnover period are used.

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